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Euston Estate - Conservation & Game

Whilst conservation and farming do not traditionally sit well together, Euston Estate is farmed with conservation in mind. The estate boasts many species of rare and unusual birds and butterflies and many head of deer.

Our woodland (the largest semi-ancient broadleaf woodland in East Anglia) is managed with both wildlife and productivity in mind.

Controlled coppicing of the woodland opens up areas to light, allowing a wider range of species to co-exist within the wood. This is particularly important for the wildflower and butterfly populations.

The Euston Estate comprises over 10,000 acres of woods and arable land. Over the centuries the Estate has been laid out specifically for sporting purposes and has some superb valleys for driving high partridge. Careful monitoring of bloodlines is carried out at the beginning of every season to ensure a strong, high flying bird.

Team days (8 or 9 guns) are available. Bag numbers range from 200-400 birds consisting of partridge and pheasant. The day begins at 9 am at Euston Hall where guns are served with bacon rolls, tea and coffee. The gun bus collects the team and takes them to the first drive. Four drives are usually shot before lunch. Mid-morning refreshments are provided and lunch is served in the Hall's Old Kitchen. Two further drives take place after lunch and tea is available at the end of the day.

There are some excellent hotels and B & Bs we can recommend near to Euston and transport can be provided if necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Post: Estate Office, Euston, Suffolk IP24 2QP.
Telephone: 01842 766366
Fax:01842 766764

Deer Management
The Estate supports a large population of red, roe and muntjac deer. It is vital that numbers of all three species are controlled to limit the amount of damage caused in the sensitive woodlands. The deer population is also controlled for the benefit of the total herd, as unnaturally high population numbers can lead to poor health. The males in the herd are managed with antler trophy quality in mind and, as a result, all the species found on the Estate carry impressive CIC medal quality antlers. Guided photographic and stalking outings are available to clients from the UK and abroad on request.
Post: Estate Office, Euston, Suffolk IP24 2QP.
Telephone: 01842 766366
Fax:01842 766764
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